Friday, February 3, 2012

Brian Field, southern CA

23 Oct 2013
This is Brian Field, just 1 1/2 Hrs drive north of Los Angeles.
But it's right out in the desert, and ideal ultralight terrain.
That's El Mirage dry lake bed in the background.
Edwards Air Force Base beyond.

Brian Ranch airfield
Privately owned, with hangar space for 60 ultralights.

El Mirage lake bed.

The lake bed is a popular gathering place for ultralighters.

Dimiter flying his Quicksilver.

He flies every weekend, and right 'til last light.

This is Urs on take-off.
Urs flies Airbuses for SwissAir and every time he comes to LA he dashes out here to fly his Quicksilver.

Urs also flies right up to last light.

Looking over into the Los Angeles basin, from 10,000 ft over the San Gabriel Mtns.
That's a close as I can fly due to airspace restrictions.
Santa Catalina island in the distance.
Smog even in the early morning.

Four heavy duty power lines powering Los Angeles.

The California Aquaduct watering LA.

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