Friday, February 24, 2012

Shelby, Montana

 3-14 Aug 2012

Shelby, Montana

Canadian regulations wouldn't allow me to fly this aircraft there, and there would be hassles with customs if I tried to take it across the border, so parked the trailer at Shelby and just drove the truck north.


New Prop

Ordered a two-blade Ivo prop to be waiting for me when I got back from Canada.

The Ivo prop was there when I got back, so pulled the C-box again and mounted the B-box and the Ivo.
What a difference that made!  Lots more take-off thrust, and higher cruise speed for the same power setting.
Really impressive!  I'd been skeptical of Ivo props on higher power engines, but this one suited this power and aircraft really well.  And so easy to change the pitch to tune it.  Highly recommended for this aircraft.....

So, finally, after half the trip was over, I had the aircraft going really well, both on the ground and in the air....
Now I have to really cover some ground to see all that I want to before the summer is over.....


While at Shelby I had a very sobering experience with weather.  Late in the day I wanted to unload and prepare the aircraft for a flight next morning.  There was a storm moving across north of the airfield, but it appeared to be staying clear.  But luckily I decided to wait until it was clear for sure, cause next minute a blast of wind came through, and I do mean a BLAST!  The tail end of the trailer was already off, and the wind caught it and sent it rolling away so fast that I had to run really hard to catch it and lay it down on the ground.  Then moved the trailer around into the lee of a hangar.  Weather office recorded 67 mph, so that would have destroyed this light little aircraft if it had been tied down in the open.  Once again very happy to have this portable hangar to protect the aircraft.

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