Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craters of the Moon Lava Flow, Idaho

Jul 21, 2012
Flying from Carey, Idaho.

This enormous lava flow is in southern Idaho
One edge of the lava flow.
The houses give a perspective of size.

Tourist access to the lava flow.

Cinder cones.
Evidence of wild volcanic activity.

No, that's not a whale embedded in there.
I'd heard there are lots of rattlesnakes around this strip, so I landed there.
I wanted to find a rattlesnake and hear that rattle.....
I heard that the sound really makes your hair stand on end!
That's the only snake that I know of that warns you to go away.
Hunted for hours, but I couldn't find one that day....
A strange sign that I found near that remote strip.

 Whenever I'm flying in remote places I always carry a SPOT satellite signalling device.

Carey Airfield, can't be any closer to town than that.
It even has a courtesy car.

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  1. Hello. I'm doing geology research in Craters of the Moon and I'd love to look at more of your aerial photos from 2012, and possibly publish a couple in a research article. Would you be interested in sharing them?