Monday, February 27, 2012

Yellowstone Park

Jul 23, 2012
Flying from West Yellowstone Airfield, Montana.

This is the way in to the main volcanic caldera at Yellowstone.

And this is the crowded highway this time of year, so no chance to land there.

But the scene inside is worth the risk!
Steam everywhere.

Old Faithful sure is the center of attention!
Didn't fly any lower because we're required to maintain 2000ft above the ground over 
National Parks....
And way too many witnesses with cameras down there to get away with it....

It's best to visit the geysers early in the morning when the dew point is such that there's lots of dramatic steam.
This is the same Prismatic Pool a couple of hours later, and the steam is all gone.

That's a bear down there beside the road, getting his breakfast.
Sure, you're not allowed feed the bears, but he knows that many still will....

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