Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black Rock Desert, NW Nevada

Oct 2012
Flying off the Black Rock Desert Dry Lake Bed.

It's called the Black Rock 'Desert', 
but really it's a dry lake bed with desert all around.

Unloading on the lake bed.

The truck and trailer from above.

The 'Black Rock' for which the desert is named.
Pioneers crossing the desert on the Oregon Trail used this rock as a signpost.

The pioneers very much appreciated this hot spring near the rock.
Sure would have been a welcome bath and laundry after all the waterless desert.

The very smooth and flat lake bed has been used for land speed records.

Lots of traffic these days.

This was the site of the annual 'Burning Man' Festival.
70,000 campers were here for a week this year.
They're proud to leave no evidence except tracks in the dirt.

This is Fly Geyser nearby.
It was a hole drilled for a geothermal experiment, and was never capped.

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