Thursday, March 1, 2012

Landmark, Idaho

16 July 2012
Flying from Landmark airfield, Idaho.

I was trying to drive to the popular Johnson Creek airstrip in the mountains in central Idaho.
Nearly dark and getting close when I saw a sign 'Landmark Airfield'
right beside it was a sign that said, 'Johnson Creek'.
So I assumed this was it.
But when I got into it and looked around, it didn't suit the description of the Johnson Creek strip???
Finally realized that this is a different airstrip altogether, and the 'Johnson Creek' sign was just identifying the same creek, that flows past both airstrips, for the benefit of fishermen.....
Too late to move on again now, so settled down for the night.
Plenty of firewood and a safe place to set a fire.
So had the only campfire for the whole trip.
The rest of the trip was either in the desert with no wood at all, 
or in fire ban areas due to the dought.
Sure was good to sit by a fire again.
I have the luxury of a fire just about every night when touring Australia.
Australia has the best firewood in the world, 
and can nearly always find enough for a fire.

Note emergency ration of E&J brandy...

Set up next morning, intending to fly into Johnson Creek,
 but found too many miles of nothing but pine trees down there,
no safe place to ditch a little ultralight like this if the engine quit.
I'm an old pilot (2,300hrs) because I'm not too bold, I know when to turn back......

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