Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lake Tahoe, California

3 June 2012
Flying from Carson City, Nevada

This is as close as I could fly to Lake Tahoe,
because very strong winds coming over those mountains across the lake
made  treacherous turbulence all the way over here.
You can see patches on the lake where the rotors extended down to lake level.

Flying at 10,000 ft here, with snow below, so very cold in this open cockpit.

Intensive farming with spectacular scenery.

This is the Walmart store where I camped for the night.

The weather forecast was for raging winds for the next several days, so figured I might as well spend that time on the road instead of just sitting around restless.  I really wanted to fly Monument Valley before it got too hot out there, so started out for the long haul across to there while the wind blew.

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