Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sulphur Creek, Idaho

18 July 2012
Flying from Bruce Meadows, Idaho.

Unfortunately my SLR camera had a bad SD card at the time, so no photos of Bruce Meadows.
The airstrip is in a beautiful meadow, with elk grazing much of the time.
Trout streams nearby.

Sulphur Creek Station airstrip.
Unfortunately I don't have more photos of this place...
Only had my little pocket camera.

Sulphur Creek homestead.
This is a fly-in airstrip only, no road access
but it's very popular for it's fly-in breakfasts.
Nearly every morning several aircraft arrive for breakfast.
I found these two little log cabins near Bruce Meadows airstrip.
They appear to be about the same age,
but each is built with a different method of construction.

Different corner joints.

They have different roof construction.
There's certainly enough timber around to build such cabins.

This is near the Bruce Meadows airstrip.
Does anyone know what it's for??

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