Friday, March 2, 2012

Homedale, Idaho

14 July 2012
Flying from Homedale airfield, Idaho.

I went to Homedale because I wanted to fly the canyons around the Owyhee River, particularly with my new Drift video camera.  But the wind blew a hot gale for several days, and then when I did get flying, the video camera refused to work....   It would start OK, but with the slightest bump it would turn itself off....  Flew many attempts, but each time when I got back found only a short video of the take-off.....  Really frustrating....  I very nearly threw the camera into the nearby river!  Never did get it working, and finally gave it away....  Couldn't easily send to the manufacturer for repairs because it's so hard to find a forwarding address when continually on the move.....

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