Friday, January 27, 2012

Selling the aircraft and trailer combo.

After finding out at Shasta California that I was now an illegal alien, I went to Carson City, Nevada because I really like it there, and listed the aircraft and trailer on Barnstormers.  I had the story and photos of this weblog linked in the Barnstormers advert, so figured that someone else would jump at the opportunity of such a flying rig all ready to go on further adventures.....  Then waited for a phone call and watched the email constantly, but very little response.....  Got a couple of leads in California, and obligingly took the rig to each, but all were duds....  Hunted out several airfields with ultralight flyers, hoping to interest one of them, but no success.....  Far too much driving around California, with far too much traffic and too many people, so getting real restless.....  Then the Kolb Homecoming was coming up next week, so decided to go there and see what that exposure would do.  It was in Kentucky, so only 5 days driving with the shortening days that time of year....  Then in Oklahoma got a call from a very keen fella near Ft Worth, Texas.  That wouldn't be too much out of the way so turned and went down to see him.  Turns out he was 87 and hadn't really flown before....  But he was so keen for adventure that he was ready to buy it right away!  But I thought we should unload and set up the aircraft first, so he could see what was involved.  Then it was fairly obvious that it was going to be too much for him to tackle, especially since he knew no other ultralight flyers who could help with all the new challenges and complexities that we experienced flyers take for granted.  I felt really sorry for him, cause he had the spirit in heaps, but not the physical capability any more....  So we had dinner together and became good friends.  Then he insisted on giving me $250 for my diversion; a real genuine Texas gentleman!

A quick visit to Joe in northern Mississippi again, then on to the Kolb Homecoming gathering.

Labhart Field, near London, Kentucky.
Home of the Kolb factory.

Wild country around there.....

The Kolb factory.

Travis on banjo, Brian on ketchup.
Travis is an incredible banjo player, and has been on the Grand Old Opry show.

On the way out there I got a call from Edy in Florida.  She had arranged for the guys at Kolb to inspect the aircraft for her.  It passed inspection, so then back on the road to Florida.

So finally sold the aircraft and trailer to Jim and Edy in Florida.
I wish them well with it.
Forgot to take any photographs there....

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