Friday, January 27, 2012


I don't pretend to be a photographer; I just try to take good snapshots.  
I'm always trying to show the geographic and geologic features as they really appear from up there, so that others can 'come along on the ride'.   Not interested in artistic light and shade compositions.

I just use a basic Cannon SLR, nothing fancy.  I know that the quality of photographs has little to do with the cost of the equipment.  It's the lighting and composition that really makes the difference.  In that regard, I try to make photos feel as much like the view that I see from the aircraft as possible.  I use an 18-55mm zoom lens.  18mm full wide seems to me to give the grand panorama and perspective feeling that I love so much up there.  None of the photos are retouched at all.  Modern digital cameras produce colors and contrast pretty close to the real life, so I don't use any processing to boost saturation or contrast to make pictures even more dramatic than real life, (as is done all too much these days since it's become so easy). I only straighten some of the horizons, cause 'rocking and rolling' in a light aircraft makes it hard to compose exactly..... I use a polarizing filter almost all the time (maybe too much).

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