Monday, March 12, 2012

Hurricane, Utah

19 May 2012

Flying from Hurricane, Utah.

Hurricane airfield and town.
Typical Mormon town,
with intensive agriculture on every bit of useable  land,
and four big Mormon churches in one street.
And everything very neat and tidy.

They have two playgrounds right near town.
This one wet.

And this one dry.
"...Go play in the sand pile..."

Entering Zion National Park.

This is as far as I could go safely..... 
Strange geology.

This a track for testing aircraft ejection seats.
They mount the seat on a rocket-powered sled and shoot it off the end,
then check the results at the bottom......
I'm told there was sometimes a monkey strapped in the seat.......
It'd be a great ride.....if the parachute worked.....

Flat roofed houses in this low rainfall country.
The 'Southwest' style of architecture.
20 May 2012
Annular eclipse of the sun.
I took off just before the eclipse and got this photo at maximum coverage.


One day at Hurricane airfield I noticed a Zenith 801 without slats.  I went over to visit, and he told me how well it goes with VGs instead of the original slats.  He was quite amazed to find out that I had manufactured the Stolspeed VGs he was using!

At Cascade, Idaho I also met a Super cub with my Stolspeed VGs on it.  Quite a buzz!

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