Friday, January 20, 2012

Sun 'n Fun, Lakeland, Florida

30 March 2012

Took a three day break from modifying the trailer to visit Sun'nFun.  I particularly wanted to see Max Tedesco and his new 'Vision' aircraft.  It's the civilian version of the 'Sentinal' that he designed for police surveillance work  See it at World Aircraft  It's a beautiful aircraft, as are all his work.  The glass panel allows the dash to be a narrow column in the center, with wide open area over the pilots feet,and clear polycarb on all of the door and cockpit side forward, so brilliant visibility, both to the side and forward.  It's a great feeling!  And a big door that reaches to the feet, so entry/exit is really easy.  Great ergonomic design.  Very comfortable and luxurious interior, much different from my usual aircraft...... 

Lots of room for big men.
Just sit in and swing your legs in.
No scrunching up.

That narrow panel makes for
great visibility forward and down.
Best of any I know.

Signs of Florida swamps.....

Also met up with Mike O'Sullivan, formerly from Australia but now building the Spitfire kits in Texas.  Really good to see him again.

Met up with the Kolb display and looked at their new nosewheel model, I like it.  That's the same gear arrangement that was on my favourite Spectrum Beaver
The main wheels are right at the CofG, so the aircraft touches down like a tailwheel aircraft, with the nosewheel way up in the air, but lower the nosewheel and it handles on the ground like a tri-gear - the best of both worlds.  The nosewheel also provides much more protection for the pilot in case of a ditching in rough country.  I flew that little Beaver for 1000hrs over much of outback Australia, and absolutely loved it!

 All too soon back to Houston and back to work.....

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